VENIEN - Ritual Manifestation (Digital Demo I)


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VENIEN - Ritual Manifestation (Digital Demo I)
Cat/Sku#VR D0010

Artist: VENIEN
Demo Title: Ritual Manifestation (Digital Demo I)

Music written by: Jason "VENIEN" Ventura
Produced/Mixed & NOT so Mastered by: Jason "VENIEN" Ventura
Recorded at: The PIT (Litchfield Park, AZ)
Recorded at: Wall To Wall Studios (Chicago, IL) *drum tracking sessions only by Andrew Ragin & Frank Caruso
Release Date: Feb 7th 2013
Format: Digital
Publisher/Distributor: Von Records (USA)

Black Coming of VENIEN!!! (Demo)
REVOLT! (Demo)
God Is Dead (Demo)
Inssside Wittthhh Usss (Demo)

Recording Lineup:
Jason "VENIEN" Ventura (vocals/bass guitar)
Jonathan "Lord Giblete" Gonzalez (guitar)
Anthony "Dirty FvKn! Pistols" Mainiero (drums)


released February 6, 2013



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Track Name: Black Coming of VENIEN!!! (Digital Demo)
Swarn death Black Eyes
Traitors to their deaths
Dark Gods rise again
Blood oaths fallen die

Black Coming of VENIEN!!!

Devils call branded souls
inHuMan transformed
Vessel release the storm
Chaos reborn

Ancients Humans
Creators of the Black

Dark Gods will rise
Welcome death demonic flesh
Manifest Satanic fire
Unholy allegiance destroy annihilate
Summon Black Death's design
Release the gates the plague the kill
Famine Pestilence for those who stand shall fall and they will Burn!

Dead human bodies
Screams from the burning pit
Filled with human sacrifice
Religion is to blame for this
Nightmare screams of unspeakable horrors
Unheard of torturous remains
At the Hands of Black Death itself
Diseased rotten flesh off the carcasses of a million souls
Remains & bits of bloody guts from children of the forgotten & weak
Death camps populations grow
Enslaved are starved to the bone
Human slavery takes its place
Death calls The Culling has begun
Demons again take our souls inside manifest they possess our mind
I fear this our end for they will come
My eyes see blood in the sky visions of hideous darkness form
Life will soon cease to exists rise the plagues of old
Release the Black Death of VENIEN!!!
As the ancients once foretold
Track Name: REVOLT! (Digital Demo)
Red sky anti life
Frantic death for all is lost
No seeds no hope suffering

Besieged revolt reigning force
Their blood will be spilt
Razors wires vVurMz die
Freedom blood war for life

Track Name: God Is Dead (Digital Demo)
Destroy the weak we must succeed
Revolt contain your death you'll bleed
We hold these lies no truth you'll die
We seek destroy the end is nigh

A mass extinction
You all will die
I will not lie
So close your eyes
It is time
God is Dead
Track Name: Inssside Wittthhh Usss (Digital Demo)
I I've lost my head
Take the flesh the soul is dead
In black the void greets me now
I am going down
Hell awaits the precious thorned crown
Screams their blood flows on the ground
Am I insane tell me now
Witness the terror hold me down
Inside with us its your turn!
Kneel crawl you insufferable vVurmz!
You pigs will rot for the suffering is here
Such a bloody mess I've made excuse me while I misbehave
My psychotic rage
Am I ranting?Please stop me for I've lost my mind