VON - Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Open Edition) (Digital Album)

by VON

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Cat/Sku#: VR D0022A

*does not include the exclusive 12" Booklet Edition bonus tracks

Artist: VON
Title: Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Open Edition)
Volume: Dark Gods Vol.II
Audio Format: Digital
Publisher/Distributor: Von Records (USA)
Digital Release Date: 2017
Illustration: VENIEN

01. The Council of Seven
02. Architects of Death
03. Rise of The Ancients
04. Muse of Evil
05. DemonSkin
06. Invasion
07. Black Lotus Featuring Jess (Jess and The Ancient Ones)
08. The Culling
09. Ritual of The Black Mass
10. Mother

Recording Lineup:
Jason Ventura (VENIEN) (vocals | bass)
Jon Gonzalez (Lord Giblete) (guitar)
Carter Grant (HangMan) (guitar)
Anthony Mainiero (Dirty FvKn! Pistols) (drums)
Special Guest: Jess (Jess and The Ancient Ones)


released June 6, 2017

Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Council of Seven (Digital Edition)
The Council of Seven
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Mass extinction
Fall of the great and holy empire
Destruction unfolds forgotten old
A war of hate and murder
The hives will swarm
Worms will infest
Your flesh will feed the masters
The end has come
The gates have opened for us

Fires will burn
No sign of life
Society implodes
The seven will rise
It will be done
The reign of blood upon us
Disease of old
Imminent death of a weak population
Billions will starve others will crawl
The elite will give no quarter
Famine will strike
Shadows will fall
Behold! gods of death
A misdirected faith
Inhumans walks among us
Dark Gods will kill
Abandoned us
It's your time to die
Track Name: Architects of Death (Digital Edition)
Architects of Death
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Abandon the constructs
That haunt your mind
Accept the darkness
The chaos inside
The black eyes
Watch over us
As we destroy!
The heard over-populates
Infections will grow
Release the plague
Death has come
The ancients return
To claim their sons
The Architects of the Black Death
Heed their call
Destroyers of all

The Architects of Death
Track Name: Rise of The Ancients (Digital Edition)
Rise of The Ancients
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Rise of our creators
Summoning the darkness
Birth of chaos
They have come
Awaken the ancients
Their seeds have grown
Slaves await in judgment
Their sacrifice in blood

Rise of The Ancients
Track Name: Muse of Evil (Digital Edition)
Muse of Evil
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Why do you abandon me?
My black heart bleeds for thee
My tortured soul yearns to be free
My queen I OBEY!
My muse I live to serve as your slave
Why do you torture me?
I will break these chains that bind and set us free

Rage infects my mind
For pain is calling me I want to die
Death invites me home
I kill
I bleed
Why do you still punish me?
My forbidden path into the fray
Lost in darkness I have become insane

My queen
My muse
The lust I have for you
The blood I spill for you
My soul
I sacrificed for you
I want to murder you


I want to murder you
Track Name: DemonSkin (Digital Edition)
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Schizophrenic rage
F*cking bloody murder
Throw them down the pit
Welcome to hell
Fuels the legion
Deep inside of us
Inhuman flesh reveals
Faces of black death
For the devils blood burns within my skin
Slashing cutting pain the exquisite sin
Rotten blood ink
Spools of death
Needles the skin
Bound me in DemonSkin

Track Name: Invasion (Extended Digital Edition)
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

It is the season of death
The wicked hang from their necks
The revolution will rise
The fires burn in the sky

No one will come out alive
Invasion inside our minds
The wolves they hunt through the night
Their victims run for their lives

The hands of death greet me warm
The birth of darkness unborn
The architects will destroy
Welcome home to the void
Track Name: Black Lotus Featuring Jess (Jess & The Ancient Ones | Jess By The Lake) (Extended Digital Edition)
Black Lotus Feat. Jess (Jess & The Ancient Ones | Jess By The Lake)
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

My lust my one desire
Weaving through death and fire
Poison love I have hurt thee
Black Lotus show no mercy

For I am a liar
I will burn for my crimes
I have betrayed our pact
Unleash your hell your fire

Nations will burn
My eyes only see black
I serve for I am forsaken
I will rise
I am the widow maker
I will not be denied

Burn the horizon
We’ve come
We’ve come to collect
We serve the might of eternal
Your return to nothingness
You will be judged
The queen the chalice reborn
Kneel before her and drink from her cup
For we are one

We walk the path between our chaos and fear
We drink the cup of sorrow filled with our tears
For we escaped in lust consumed by our greed
Our pleasure I command your soul will soon feed

I am your queen
I will show you the way
Come and take my hand
My pleasure your pain

You will burn for your lies
You will burn for your lies
You will burn for your lies
You will burn for your lies

I hope you burn
Burn for your lies
Track Name: The Culling (Digital Edition)
The Culling
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Excerpt taken from Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societes (S1 E3) Feat. Dr. Rima Laibow

Let me tell you a story
In 2003
I had a patient in my drug free medical practice
Who was a head of state…and one day
She said “You know it’s almost time for “The Great Culling” to begin”
She said “The Great Culling”
When you thin the herd
I said “What are you talking about?”
She said “It’s almost time for the useless eaters…to be culled”
And she said “Those are the people who are consuming our non-renewable natural resources”
According to what I was told…by this women
There is a council of seven men and
They make long term decisions about what they want to see happen
Which country rises
Which country falls
Which economies prosper
And it’s really important to understand…that these people have
No affiliation to a religion
No affiliation to a nation
No affiliation to a political party
They are acting according to their own rules and their rules are
Not the ones that the institutions we believe in…adhere too

Subhuman sacrifice
Society will fall
Five billion will remain
Pure bloods they infiltrate
They begin the culling
Thinning out the enslaved
Planting seeds of destruction
We all will burn the same
The culling protocols
Mass murder of us all
The science will reveal
Vaccines are used to kill
Infection global spread
Conspiracy are fed
Confusion panic grows
Prophecies are once reborn

Excerpt taken from Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies (S1 E3) Feat. Dr. Rima Laibow

Three billion deaths
One billion through simple starvation
Those folks who die are not particularly
From the point of view of the corporations
But the next…
Two billion
They will die from the
Preventable diseases…of under nutrition
Who will live?
Probably those people
Who are wealthy enough and powerful enough
To have their own pushers of clean food and nutrients
Thats who will live
Track Name: Ritual of The Black Mass (Digital Edition)
Ritual of The Black Mass
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

The black
The coming of VON

The gathering
The dark ones in ritual

The blood
Needs to be spilt
Dead reckoning

F*cking liars

Your time has come
Slaughter the lamb
Murder the goat

Flay the pretenders
Burn their souls
Lay them to rot

Come my children
We are one



Black Mass!
Black Mass!
Black Mass!
Black Mass!
Track Name: Mother (Digital Edition)
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

I've become insane
I lurk in darkness my mind betrays
I curse the world and all that live
The dread
The suffering
In death I live

Why did you leave me here?
Exposed my rage my darkest fear
It hurts to live the world's so cold
I've lost my will I've lost my soul

Please come back to me
You broke your promise that you would never leave
Now I live in black in misery
You lied to me
You cursed me
You f*cking cursed me

Did you leave?

Why'd you leave?
Why'd you leave?
Why'd you leave?
Why'd you leave?

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