Dissection InHuman (Full Length)

from by VON



Dissection Inhuman from a shallow grave
Some will settle for to die in vain
Unless you bury the bones cover the stacks
Once you pray the blessing fuck it! throw em in the hole
Your fucking rope pass and pull it
Pray to the holy mortal make the box
Lots to burn if you save the eyes
Death without obstruction dead mortal
Stick em up on my throne arm to arm
Bleed out to get our dissident soul
Dissication of body torn ripped apart
Tissue taken from the pile of bones
Torn from a killed body
The life the dissident soul
Belongs to me
I consecrate the soul

Visions of dead bodies
InHuman body
It is a man yet we cannot determine its age
For its splattered with blood
All internal within his nasal passage
Escaping through the piercing screams of his bleeding ears
Chunks of fatty guts swap each and every step I take
This horrid soul withered rotten flesh
Inhuman species crawl upon the bleeding floor
Feasting upon lucifers things
Hybreeding sex emerge swollen worms implanted into Venien's skin
Uncovers intentions to unfold its inhuman nature
It dies in a rotting death
As it's strung upon its mortal nature in its sanctum its sanctum is far
It is far beyond acceptance of any mortal human being
All that I envision is madness
For the stray mind unholy lives
Where its attached to nothing less
Then the scalped hands of black death itself
It is evidence

Dissection inhuman


from VON - Satanic Blood (Open Edition) (Digital Album), track released October 31, 2012
Written by VENIEN & Goat
© Von Properties L.L.C.


all rights reserved


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