• VON - Dark Gods Giclée Box Collection Volume II
    Poster/Print + Digital Album

    Dark Gods Giclée Box Collection Volume II contains 34 (13"x19") giclée prints taken from the Dark Gods Universe created by VENIEN. Illustrations first used for Dark Gods Comics followed by the 12" Booklet Edition of Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects by VON

    • Illustrations by: VENIEN
    • Packaging/Design by: VENIEN
    • Image Sizes: Various
    • Paper Size: 13"x19"
    • Paper: Epson 305 gsm/19mil Cold Press Natural Acid Free 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper
    • Printer: Epson Surecolor P600 Printer w/Ultrachrome HD Ink
    • Embossed artist chop: Sigil of vVurMzflessshhh by VENIEN (MillCast® Old Fashioned Cast Iron Press & Custom Brass Seal manufactured by the SealKing™)
    • Custom Box: Print File Archival Storage Box 13.5"x19.5"x3" [PAT-safe for long-term storage, buffered, acid-free and lignin-free scuff resistant 60 point board, PH 8.0 to 9.0, & black metal edges]
    • Signed prints & custom-designed certificates of authenticity by VENIEN

    Giclée prints (34 prints):
    VPPRINTDGII0003 VON - Birth of The Architects
    VPPRINTDGII0004 VON - Mother
    VPPRINTDGII0005 VON - Mother II (The Gathering)
    VPPRINTDGII0006 VON - Invasion
    VPPRINTDGII0007 VON - Black Lotus
    VPPRINTDGII0008 VON - Architects of Death
    VPPRINTDGII0009 VON - Rise of The Ancients
    VPPRINTDGII0010 VON - The Council of Seven (The Gatekeepers)
    VPPRINTDGII0011 VON - Muse of Evil (Birth of The Queen)
    VPPRINTDGII0012 VON - DemonSkin (Skinwalkers)
    VPPRINTDGII0013 VON - Ritual of The Black Mass (The Widow Maker)
    VPPRINTDGII0014 VON - The Culling
    VPPRINTDGII0015 VON - Abandon
    VPPRINTDGII0016 VON - Mushi 蟲
    VPPRINTDGII0017 VON - The Architects
    VPPRINTDGII0018 VON - Sigil of Death
    VPPRINTDGII0020 VON - Invasion II (Between Worlds)
    VPPRINTDGII0021 VON - Black Lotus II (Chalice Reborn)
    VPPRINTDGII0022 VON - Architects of Death II (Red Death)
    VPPRINTDGII0023 VON - Rise of The Ancients II (From The Abyss)
    VPPRINTDGII0024 VON - Muse of Evil II (Birthing)
    VPPRINTDGII0025 VON - DemonSkin II (Succubus)
    VPPRINTDGII0026 VON - Ritual of The Black Mass II (The Summoning)
    VPPRINTDGII0027 VON - Shinigami 死神
    VPPRINTDGII0028 VON - Youkai 妖怪
    VPPRINTDGII0029 VON - Tombs (The Source)
    VPPRINTDGII0030 VON - Tombs II (Gates of Evisc)
    VPPRINTDGII0031 VON - Portal of The Dark Gods
    VPPRINTDGII0032 VON - Abandon II (Awakening)
    VPPRINTDGII0033 VON - The Culling II (Cult of Death)
    VPPRINTDGII0034 VON - Muse of Evil III (The Hive is Born)
    VPPRINTDGII0035 VON - Mother III (Ancient Origin)
    VPPRINTDGII0036 VON - Invasion III (Genesis)
    VPPRINTDGII0037 VON - DemonSkin III (Manifest)

    Exclusive Bonus Digital Album (29 tracks):
    Dark Gods Giclée Box Collection Volume II Digital Album (Cat/Sku: VR D0022K) *includes Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Open Edition) + exclusive singles, b-sides, demos, & instrumental versions

    01. The Council of Seven (Digital Edition) 06:39
    02. Architects of Death (Digital Edition) 05:52
    03. Rise of The Ancients (Digital Edition) 09:51
    04. Muse of Evil (Digital Edition) + Insidious (Bonus Track) 17:44
    05. DemonSkin (Digital Edition) 08:50
    06. Invasion (Extended Digital Edition) 10:21
    07. Black Lotus Featuring Jess (Jess & The Ancient Ones) (Extended Digital Edition) 09:08
    08. The Culling (Digital Edition) 06:24
    09. Ritual of The Black Mass (Digital Edition) 06:05
    10. Mother (Digital Edition) 08:22
    11. Abandon (Bonus Track) 07:22
    12. Tombs (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) 08:49
    13. 黒ミサの儀式 Featuring Dr. Mikannibal (Sigh), Chris Cannella (Autumn's End & N-17), & Masaki Murashita (Murashita) (Bonus Track) 06:05
    14. BEHOLD! (Demo) (Bonus Track) 06:23
    15. Birth (Demo) (Bonus Track) 06:05
    16. Death (Bonus Track) 02:25
    17. Burn (Bonus Track) 01:27
    18. The Culling (Demo) (Bonus Track) 08:14
    19. Forbidden (Bonus Track) 07:11
    20. The End (Demo) (Bonus Track) 05:07
    21. Blind God (Demo) (Bonus Track) 02:44
    22. Invasion (Bass Demo) (Bonus Track) 07:27
    23. Invasion (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) 09:26
    24. iAm (Bonus Track) 05:23
    25. Abandon (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track) 06:39
    26. Mother (Extended Demo) (Bonus Track) 13:37
    27. Mother (Guitar Instrumental) (Bonus Track) 13:26
    28. Black Lotus (Bass Demo) (Bonus Track) 05:30
    29. Extinction (Instrumental) (Bonus Track) 08:08
    Manufactured, printed, & distributed by vVurMzflessshhh Publishing

    Shipping cost:
    • USA $35
    • Outside of the USA $66 *over 9+ pounds

    Cat/Sku#: VPBOX0003

    *gi·clée (pronounced ZHēˈklā)- a technology for fine art or photograph reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies. A print produced using the giclee process. - "65 percent of galleries now sell giclées".

    Includes unlimited streaming of VON - Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Album) (Giclée Box Collection Edition) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Extinction (Instrumental)
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.



all rights reserved


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