The Culling
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.

Excerpt taken from Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societes (S1 E3) Feat. Dr. Rima Laibow

Let me tell you a story
In 2003
I had a patient in my drug free medical practice
Who was a head of state…and one day
She said “You know it’s almost time for “The Great Culling” to begin”
She said “The Great Culling”
When you thin the herd
I said “What are you talking about?”
She said “It’s almost time for the useless eaters…to be culled”
And she said “Those are the people who are consuming our non-renewable natural resources”
According to what I was told…by this women
There is a council of seven men and
They make long term decisions about what they want to see happen
Which country rises
Which country falls
Which economies prosper
And it’s really important to understand…that these people have
No affiliation to a religion
No affiliation to a nation
No affiliation to a political party
They are acting according to their own rules and their rules are
Not the ones that the institutions we believe in…adhere too

Subhuman sacrifice
Society will fall
Five billion will remain
Pure bloods they infiltrate
They begin the culling
Thinning out the enslaved
Planting seeds of destruction
We all will burn the same
The culling protocols
Mass murder of us all
The science will reveal
Vaccines are used to kill
Infection global spread
Conspiracy are fed
Confusion panic grows
Prophecies are once reborn

Excerpt taken from Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies (S1 E3) Feat. Dr. Rima Laibow

Three billion deaths
One billion through simple starvation
Those folks who die are not particularly
From the point of view of the corporations
But the next…
Two billion
They will die from the
Preventable diseases…of under nutrition
Who will live?
Probably those people
Who are wealthy enough and powerful enough
To have their own pushers of clean food and nutrients
Thats who will live


from VON - Dark Gods: Birth of The Architects (Open Edition) (Digital Album), released June 6, 2017
Written by VENIEN
© Von Properties L.L.C.


all rights reserved


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